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What My Favorite TV Show is

North Woods Law is my favorite TV show. If you don’t know what North Woods Law is it is about Game Wardens and conservation officers. They are the police men of the outdoors. The show is very interesting this is my favorite game warden his name is Eric Hannett. Picture from: facebookImage result for north woods law eric hannett

One Of My personal Favorite Shoes

One of my favorite shoes are jordan 4 Raptors. I think this color way of this jordan four is amazing. They came out August 18th, 2018. My goal is to buy a pair when I am older so I dont scuff the sude. Picture from:  Sneaker NewsImage result for raptor 4s

The Dodo bird

The dodo bird is a extinct flightless bird. The dodo bird was three foot three inches tall. The dodo bird was about 50 pounds and was a good source of meat to people. Here is what the dod0 bird looks like. I think the dodo bird is a very cool bird. Image source: WikipediaImage result for dodo bird

Michael Jordan

Michal jordan is my all time favorite basketball player. On 2k blacktop that is who I pick all the time. He has won 6 championships on the Chicago Bulls. He has made a bunch of shoes and I like them a lot. Related imageImage result for chicago bullsImage result for mjs dunks from the freethrow line gif

My Tech Imfromational Report

Technology has changed throughout the years and has improved kids lives tremendously. Roboticists help the world improve technology everyday and look forward to making it better every time. People like Nick Thompson like to help find ways to make artificial arms cheaper and quicker.

Today Roboticists are working towards self aware AI (artificial intelligence) with a human intelligence level. Making a self aware AI is going to take a while but the roboticist work hard everyday to make it better. AI is like Siri or Alexa where you ask them a question and they will answer you. If roboticist made self aware AI they would not have to protect it. Roboticist have made self driving cars and what everybody uses practically everyday our assinant Siri.

Today technology is changing kids lives and adult lives. Making original fake arms usually cost from $25,000 to $50,000 but one scientist is making a difference. Nick Thompson is a scientist who wants to make something that is cheap because kids might need a new arm each year because they are growing. The scientists name is Nick is making artificial arms faster and cheaper with a 3D printer. Making the arms are very quick and easy also cheap.

The Robitisists and Nick Thompson are both changing the world in a positive way for everybody. Nick is making the arms with the 3D printer and the Roboticist is making the technology and it is a team effort. They both want to make life better for everyone. After the arm gets amputated the people that have fake arms say it justs gets in the way. But what Nick Thompson and Roboticist are making is a arm that has technology so it will help you do stuff you could not have done before.

People like Nick Thompson and the Roboticists are helping kids and families everywhere. Nick and the 3D printed arms and The Roboticist and the technology have helped everybody and they plan on doing
more. They keep working hard to do as much as they can and keep helping people that need help.

One of my favorite Authors

Mike Lupica has been one of my favorite authors since 4th grade. Mike lupica writes books about sports. I am reading one of his books right now. The book I am reading is called Game Changers Heavy Hitters it is about baseball. The book is really good so if you want to check it out it is in the Salt Creek libray. Here is a picture is Mike Lupica. Image result for mike lupica





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Desmond Doss

Desmond Doss was a veteran from WWII and he was amazing person but sadly he died in March 23 2006 and I will tell you what made him amazing. Desmond was going to Hacksaw Ridge with his battalion and they were fighting Japan. Doss refused to touch or fire a weapon and he didn’t. When they went to Hacksaw they did not know how bad it was going to be. The battle of Hacksaw Ridge was one of the bloodiest battles in WWII. Desmond was a medic for his battalion. He kept on finding men who were still alive and when he got one more to the medics he just kept on praying saying lord please help me get one more. Doss ended up saving 75 lives without carrying a weapon. Later on in life he ended up getting the medal of honor in 1942. There is a movie about him It is called Hacksaw Ridge I strongly recommend it it is outstanding.  Here is where the pic is from: BookMyShowImage result for hacksaw ridge

My Dream

Image result for green beretsMy dream when I grow up is a Green Beret. You are probably wandering what that is well they are the elite special forces in the marines. The training is extremely hard. This has been my dream since I can remember. The reason why I want to do this is because my grandpa’s were in WWII and one of my uncles was in the Vietnam and a marine and I love my country. The way I will get in is if I am very good in school and be physically fit and mentally you have to be 17 to join but I might join when I am twenty something. That is my dream job.

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When someone smiled at me I was having a rough morning. I was walking into class and Mr. McGuire said hi and smiled and I said hi back and smiled. Later that day I did good in all of my class’s. And I was happy that whole day. That is who made me smile.Image result for smile

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